Experts in Photography Criticism in Ukraine

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To determine who are the experts in photography criticism in Ukraine, the online guide Photo Exhibitions in Kiev conducted expert poll of well-known photographers, gallery owners, curators, organizers of photo exhibitions, photography festivals and other photographic activities, teachers of photography, art critics and other professionals in photography and arts.

The poll was conducted from November to December of 2011, there were interviewed 53 experts from different cities of Ukraine.

The survey addressed only one aspect of photo criticism - the competence to select and evaluate photographs.

Everyone was asked the same question: "Could you write, who, in your opinion, in Ukraine are the experts in photography criticism - those who can distinguish good and interesting photos from others? In other words, who in Ukraine could you trust the selection of photographs for a collective exhibition or photo book, or to do a portfolio-review, or to judge a photo contest?"

The expert poll was conducted using snowball method, design and execution of the research were done by DK Media Research & Consulting.

The table below lists all experts who have been called by three or more of other experts. They are listed in descending order of votes received. Those who received the same number of votes are listed in alphabetical order.

Appearance on this list and position in it are due only to the fact that the person is considered an expert in photography criticism by the number of other experts.

Votes received
Expert who received the votes
About them
17Alexander LyapinPhotographer, editor of, curator, Kiev
11Victor MaruschenkoPhotographer, head of Victor Maruschenko School of Photography, Kiev
8Yevgeniy Solonin
Curator, director of Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, founder of Kiev Photo Biennale, Kiev
6Alexander ZhilinDeputy chief editor of Photographer magazine, Kiev
Alexander Glyadyelov Photographer, Kiev
5 Andrey Trilisskiy Director of RA gallery, president of the International Festival of Photography KievFotoCom, Kiev
5Igor GaidaiPhotographer, Camera gallery owner, Kiev
4 Alexander Soloviov Art critic, curator, deputy director general of arts center Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev
4Konstantin SmolyaninovPhotographer, curator, Lviv
4Pavel Gudimov Founder and curator of Ya Gallery, Kiev
4Vladimir Falin Photographer, photo reporter for news agency Ukrinform, Kiev
4Yuri Kosin Photographer, Kiev
3Sergey Buslenko
Photographer, Rivne
3 Vadim Yatsenko Brucie Collections gallery owner, Kiev
3 Victoria Mironenko Art critic, lecturer at the Institute of Art Modeling and Design, Kiev
3Yevgeniy Komarov
Photographer, Yalta
3Yevgeniy Kompaniychenko
Photographer, Zaporizhia

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